Project Description
Merge PDF documents from different source documents into several destination documents. Set the page ranges to merge from and the page ranges to merge into. Everything is configured via an single XML file. You access all elements through strongly typed classes generated from XSD.

You can also convert single images or complete image folders to PDF files.


It is realy simple to use:

1. Edit your xml configuration file
2. Instantiate documentmerger
3. Instantiate PdfDocumentMergerItextSharp
4. Run the merge process

namespace Sample
    using embPDFUtils;

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            documentmerger merger = documentmerger.LoadFromFile(@"MergingConfig\PDFDocumentMerger.xml");
            //CREATE A PdfDocumentMergerItextSharp instance
            PdfDocumentMergerItextSharp mergerDo = new PdfDocumentMergerItextSharp();
            //START MERGING

For further information about the xml configuration file visit the documentation page.

You can download the sample project with the current source release. Happy merging!

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